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'There could be a psychological cost': How will footballers manage working from home?

Jose Mourinho is pedaling on an exercise bike to the familiar beat of "Sweet Home Alabama." The Tottenham manager, far from engrossed in the workout, nonchalantly taps each thigh with the palm of his hands as his legs move up and down like a sewing machine needle. It is an unusual technique. But these are unusual times.

03rd, April 2020, 09:57pm

Trump says scarves 'better' than masks

President Donald Trump made fewer false claims than usual at Thursday's coronavirus briefing, ceding the floor to administration officials for extended periods and trading his usual inaccuracy for some vague musings and boasts.

03rd, April 2020, 06:04pm

The hilltop fortress town that cut itself off from the world -- and coronavirus

The fortress town of Zahara de la Sierra in southern Spain is used to fending off enemies. The Moors and Christians fought over it in medieval times, and it was sacked by the French in 1812. Now its formidable position high above the Andalusian countryside has suddenly become an invaluable asset once more.

03rd, April 2020, 05:34pm

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